Knitting Meets National Parks

I feel like every knitter has some style, skill, or item that they prefer to knit (or maybe some that they avoid at all costs!).  For example, I really dislike knitting cables – to the point that last year, for our birthdays, my friend/labmate and I exchanged “knitting skills”.  I had found a cabled hat that I really, really loved but had no desire to knit for myself.  Kelly, on the other hand, is not a huge fan of knitting lace.  So when our May and June birthday’s arrived, Kelly gifted me a lovely cabled hat and I gifted Kelly a beautiful lace shawl.  If it was practical, I would spend all of my crafting time knitting shawls – lace shawls, bulky shawls, shawls of all shapes and sizes. I have over 100 shawls “favorited” on Ravelry and recently added 4 shawls to my favorites that I was especially excited to stumble across!

Kelly’s birthday shawl!

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