Using Film (and Music!) to Bring People to Our National Parks

Earlier this week a friend of mine posted the music video below to Facebook.  Given that I am currently doing some winter data collection in Grand Teton National Park, I immediately fell in love with the song (please ignore the fact that there are no shots of the Tetons in the actual video…). While the song itself is pretty awesome, the reason it was written is even more exciting.

The song was written for a short film called “Love in the Tetons”.  The first film in an installment of 10 films being made by a group called National Park Experience: A Film Series (NPX).   Their website states:

“We’re making 10 short films about amazing and diverse people forging incredible relationships with the national parks. We’ll begin releasing the stories in Winter 2014, creating a steady drumbeat up to the National Park Service centennial in 2016.”

I could not be more excited about this project! The trailer for the first film gave me chills; you can watch it above or go here and watch the trailer and learn about their other films. One of the main missions of  NPX is to help emphasize that the National Parks are there for the enjoyment of every American. However, a recent study showed that only 1 in 5 visitors to national parks are non-white. Large groups of American’s are missing out on the national park experience (see my post about “The Way Home”).

I will try to post updates as the films from this series are released. For now, the film makers have short descriptions of some of the other films in the works and are also taking suggestions for ideas for short films for the series.  Do you have an interesting story about your relationship with the national parks?  If so, submit your idea the bottom of their “Our Films” webpage.


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