Bunions and California Condors

I know what you’re thinking, what could bunions and California condors possibly have in common? Well, nothing actually except that this past Thursday I had a bunion removed from my right foot and that the real subject of this post will having something to do with California condors.  This may not be the most well-written post on this blog as the medications that I am taking to help me recover from having bone removed from my foot, bones realigned, and then  having said bones screwed back into place make me extremely drowsy.  I have spent the past 48 hours feeling like you do right before bed, when you know sleep will come at any second.  Anyway, the first bit of this post will describe my experience immediately after bunion surgery and then I will end with some happy news out of California.

Gross I know…..my bunion was in the moderate range of this scale.

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Knitting Meets National Parks

I feel like every knitter has some style, skill, or item that they prefer to knit (or maybe some that they avoid at all costs!).  For example, I really dislike knitting cables – to the point that last year, for our birthdays, my friend/labmate and I exchanged “knitting skills”.  I had found a cabled hat that I really, really loved but had no desire to knit for myself.  Kelly, on the other hand, is not a huge fan of knitting lace.  So when our May and June birthday’s arrived, Kelly gifted me a lovely cabled hat and I gifted Kelly a beautiful lace shawl.  If it was practical, I would spend all of my crafting time knitting shawls – lace shawls, bulky shawls, shawls of all shapes and sizes. I have over 100 shawls “favorited” on Ravelry and recently added 4 shawls to my favorites that I was especially excited to stumble across!

Kelly’s birthday shawl!

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