Adventures in Ice Cream Making

I warned you that there would be non-natural resources/recreation related posts on this blog once and awhile. This is one of those posts.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love ice cream. I adore it. I could eat it for every meal and be a very happy (although obese and unhealthy) person.  This year for Christmas my sister and her boyfriend joined forces and bought me an ice cream maker, an awesome recipe book, and adorable ice cream bowls. 🙂

Daniel Craig helped me make ice cream.

Lately, the weather in Logan has been depressing. It’s been lovely and snowing in the mountains finally but the valley has been getting dumped on by rain showers. I decided that a good use of another rainy Saturday was to test out my ice cream maker. I wanted to try something simple for my first attempt. Dave suggested strawberry ice cream and although they are out of season, I was able to find some pretty yummy looking strawberries at the grocery store.  Making ice cream is surprisingly easy – it only took me 11 steps!

Recipe book that Joe gave me.

Step 1: Make strawberry puree (yay! I got to use the food processor that was also a Christmas present. Thanks Mom!)

mmm...smells strawberry-y

Step 2: Strain strawberry puree. This was messy but made the kitchen smell delicious.

No strawberry seeds in my ice cream!

Step 3: Dissolve sugar in milk. Whole milk! I have not bought whole milk in a long time. I felt like everyone in the natural food section was giving me dirty looks as I quickly pulled the whole milk out of the fridge and ran.

1/2 the milk that you use to make ice cream

Step 4: Add vanilla and more whole milk!

Milk + Sugar + Vanilla

Step 5: Make whipped cream while the milk mixture cools. I love making whipped cream. Luckily it was not sweetened yet, so I was less tempted to eat any of it in raw whipped cream form.  I also added an egg yolk to the whipping cream to make the final product a bit richer.

The stand mixer got a workout today too. Good day for kitchen appliances.

Step 6: Mix the milky mixture and whipped cream together into a pretty disgusting looking concoction.

Milky whipped cream becomes ice cream somehow.

Step 7:  Pour the mixture into the canister of your ice cream machine. Add ice, salt, and water to the outside of the canister.

Close-up of the motor, canister, and dasher.

Step 8: Act perplexed when you do not understand why the dasher is not turning and make a giant salt watery mess in your kitchen because you think you did something wrong.

Step 9:  Decide that the ice cream machine is working and wait 40 minutes while the lovely kitchen appliance does it’s thing.

Step 10:  Empty contents of container into a bowl, stir in strawberry puree. Think you still must have done something wrong because what came out of the ice cream machine is definitely NOT ice cream consistency.

Ice cream??

Step 11: Put the runny, ice cream mixture in the freezer and hope for the best…..

And, many hours later, I have something that actually resembles ice cream. It contains some ice crystals and although it’s not perfect, it tastes delicious. Conclusion: making ice cream is fun and easy, and next time Daniel Craig and I need to add more salt to the water mixture to get the perfect homemade ice cream texture.

Strawberry Ice Cream! Or something close...


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