BLM Offers Free Days in 2012

Following the lead of the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is offering fee-free days during 2012.  On these dates, all recreation-related fees will be waived.  One of the main objectives of fee-free days is to provide people who may be constrained by the cost of the fees the opportunity to recreate on public lands.  The fee-free days for this year are as follows:

January 14 to 16th (that’s today! Hurry, drop what you are doing and go recreate on some BLM lands)

June 9th (“Get Outdoors” Day)

September 29th (National Public Lands Day)

November 10th to 12th (Veteran’s Day weekend)

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range in Montana and Wyoming is managed by the BLM. This area does not require fees, but I just wanted to incorporate a picture of a cute baby animal into the post since it's a Monday.

For more information about the BLM and the lands that they manage please visit their website here and here is where you can find out where the closest fee amenity BLM lands are to you!  Happy recreating!


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