Betty White and Smokey Bear Hug!

January 17th was Betty White’s 90th Birthday. This evening, I happened to be at the gym and picked the treadmill that was in front of a TV showing Betty White’s birthday special.  I am a pretty big fan of Betty White. During high school “The Golden Girls” was definitely a guilty pleasure that I often watched in mini-marathons after coming home from school. Just thinking about the scene from “The Proposal” where Betty White dances with Sandra Bullock around the fire makes me laugh out loud.  Additionally, she is very supportive of animal conservation  and the conservation and animal welfare efforts made by zoos. She is supportive of animal rights but has spoken against PETA for spreading misinformation. And! Betty White is an honorary USDA Forest Service Ranger!

Apparently one of Betty White’s early career aspirations was to be a Forest Ranger. However, at that time, women were not allowed to serve as rangers.   So in November of 2010, the Forest Service and Chief Ranger at the time, Tom Tidwell made Betty White an honorary member of their ranks.  The ceremony is touching and watching Betty White hug Smokey Bear with such enthusiam may have brought tears to my eyes.  Ms. White also made a very insightful  and heartfelt speech about wilderness and the state of our public lands during the ceremony: “Wilderness is getting harder and harder to find these days on our beautiful planet and we’re abusing our planet to the point of almost no return.”

I cannot think of anything more aborable than Betty White in a Forest Service Hat clutching a Smokey Bear plush.  Enjoy the video and you may want to break out some tissues.

The USDA Forest Service Press Release: Forest Service makes actress Betty White an Honorary Ranger


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