A National Park TV Sitcom Cameo

I do not have cable television but back when I did I used to only watch a couple of shows religiously; Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, and The Big Bang Theory.  Battlestar has since ended, I have fallen behind on Dexter, but each year for Christmas my sister gives me the latest The Big Bang Theory DVD.  She came through for me again this year and it has become a tradition in my household to waste away a couple of days on the couch watching the entire set of DVDs before I head back to Utah.  Today we watched 16 episodes (it rained all day in south-eastern PA) and I knitted myself almost an entire mitten.  Towards the end of our The Big Bang Theory marathon this evening a national park made a cameo!

One of the main characters,  Sheldon, is annoyed by his roommate, Leonard, while he is dressed as the DC Comic superhero The Flash.  Sheldon jokes about running to the Grand Canyon to scream out his frustrations. Later in the episode, Sheldon is again annoyed by Leonard and has a daydream sequence where he runs – very quickly –  as The Flash to the Grand Canyon.  Apparently, Grand Canyon National Park in a very appropriate and satisfying place to yell out your frustrations.


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