Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I suppose it is a bit early to begin singing Christmas carols (although my sister might disagree with me on this one) but I guess it is never too early to begin picking the perfect tree.  Last week the White House announced that “The People’s Tree” – the Christmas tree on displayed in the U.S. Capital –  was chosen and would be cut down on November 5th. Each year a tree is chosen from a national forest unit and the tree that, this year, will spend the last days of it’s life in D.C. is a 65-foot  tall, perfectly formed white fir from California. This is the fourth White House Christmas tree that has come from a California forest and it just so happens to be coming from the Stanislaus National Forest in the Sierra Nevada; the National Forest district where my former labmate, Dusty, is the recreation specialist.

However, do not pester Dusty to tell you where the lovely tree is residing. The exact location of the tree is a matter of national security and is therefore top secret.  The U.S. Forest Service released a photo of the tree but the image was purposely made generic – the tree can be seen in the center but the surrounding trees are pretty generic and no landmarks can be seen.  The white fir will be cut down early next month and then loaded on a truck for it’s cross-continental journey to the Capital where it will be decorated by ornaments hand-made in California and lit on December 6th.


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